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Economy Rental Car

  • Our Economy Rental Car, The Nissan Tiida – said Tee-Da – comes in hatchback and sedan versions

    Nissan Tiida has a somewhat boxy style, but that’s to make it a very spacious interior. There’s as much, if not more, legroom in the rear as you will get in most large family cars. As well as good headroom and shoulder room to go with it.

    Gaining access into the Tiida’s spacious interior is easy thanks to a generous hip height of the seats and wide opening doors. This is a very popular feature particularly with our older clients.

    The front seats are almost as big as those of a larger car, thanks partly to an ingenious design that sees the adjustment levers being placed in the frequently-wasted space between the two seats.

    The boots of both the sedan and hatch are large, with the Hatch version Tiida hatch having a further useful feature of sliding rear seats so that you can further increase the size if you don’t need full legroom in the back seat. The sedan is capable of holding 3 large suitcases

    Noise and vibration suppression are impressive giving the sort of refined feeling you would normally expect from a car of the next size upwards. Ride comfort is very good.

    The cabin is attractive, but basic. The instruments add some flair with little circular windows, made all the better by the fact they’re very easily read.

    The cabin is practical, all controls fall to hand in a typical, no fuss Japanese vehicle type of way, and there’s also plenty of storage bins and cubbies for sunglasses, cell phones and what-have-you.

    The front seat adjustments have been moved to the inside of the seat. This takes a little getting used to but allows for much bigger seat bases, the Tiida’s seat bases are just 10mm shy of the larger Maxima’s cushy chair in width. This makes for comfort levels uncommon for a vehicle this size, a huge benefit on those longer journeys. Rear seating is also spacious, with plenty of leg and head room.

    Powering the Tiida is an 1.5 or 1.8 litre engine that performs adequately well and at the same time is rather fuel efficient

    The Tiida has a four-speed automatic, or Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT)

    The Nissan Tiida is a fabulous rental car that is cheap to rent and so practical, the perfect Economy solution for cruising our beautiful countryside

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