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We provide you with Cheap Car Rental Christchurch near the Airport. Top Brand Car Rentals!

Once reserved for the business, person travelling from destination to destination, our cheap car rental christchurch add-on to a journey has become a common part of travel we now automatically allow for.

With people flying into the local airport (Christchurch in our case) and off to new and exciting adventures discovering New Zealand there will already be a journey in the driver’s mind of where to go, what to see. All that is required is a reliable hire car to enable the journey to begin.

Time Saver

By booking online or over the telephone the excited traveller can get the vehicle delivered to the airport for the time they arrive, saving more time for the all important drive to the first destination.

Rent a car with benefits included

No matter what vehicle you are looking for we have packages to suit you :

  • Looking for cheap or budget car with unlimited mileage with an over 3-day hire? We can provide that.
  • Comprehensive insurance as standard? We have that for you.
  • 24-hour breakdown cover for peace of mind? We have that for you too.

Premium Customer Service

Never having to worry about breakdowns or insurance is now expected as standard with car hire companies in Christchurch. The level of customer service we supply is unique to us with our incredibly knowledgeable and courteous staff at your disposal. We are happy to assist our clients with everything from starting the journey, to sharing our local knowledge of cafes for the first cup of post-flight coffee. We at Christchurch Car Hire deliver more than just a cheap car rental service, we deliver peace of mind and client care second to none.

The Car Rental Company That Keeps Giving

Our customer service doesn’t just end when you drive into the distance, we are there for you until the car is returned and you leave the drop-off point satisfied you’ve had the best car hire experience possible. We’re not constrained by corporate red-tape, we can deal with our customers on a one-to-one basis to ensure they get the best car hire experience.

We have a huge range of vehicles from the budget/compact variety to the Minibus hire for larger groups but rest assured that whatever you hire, it will be safe, clean, efficient and budget friendly, all backed up with amazing customer care.

We don’t just deliver great rental car packages, we deliver great rental car experiences.

Contact us for all cheap car rentals in Christchurch.

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