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Affordable Car Rentals Christchurch

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Reasons to hire an affordable vehicle in Christchurch

There are many reasons people choose affordable car rentals Christchurch . You might be planning a business trips, family holiday, or to replace a vehicle whilst another is in the garage for repair. Whatever your reasons, there are many reasons why renting an affordable car can have many advantages over driving your own.

Affordable Car Hire When Required

Living in a city such as Christchurch is great, all the benefits of modern transport are at your disposal, you may not have the need to purchase a car of your own and incur the costs associated. Should you be required to take a trip out of a city, however, renting a car can be the best choice for reliability, price, and convenience.

Longer Distance Car Hire

For those long business trips or holidays where you will be required to travel a longer distance, hiring a car reduces wear and tear on your personal vehicle and adds a level of security with included insurance and breakdown cover.

Free Breakdown Cover

When a car breaks down it is always a worry. The costs of repair add to the inconvenience and the stress levels. Guaranteed to take place at the time when reliability is needed most, the breakdown of a car is one of a motorists biggest concerns. When you hire a car, of course, none of these concerns are yours, breakdown assistance or a replacement vehicle is simply a phone call away.

Airport Car Hire

When coming to Christchurch on holiday, renting a car can give you a lot more freedom to enjoy your time. Arrange for a rental car from the airport and you can spend more time travelling and relaxing, and a lot less time going to the hire companies offices.

Affordable Business Car Hire

You can never take anything for granted in business. First impressions still count for a lot and if that client is important enough to require a certain image then hiring a new, clean, impressive looking but affordable rental car could be just the help required to portray the professional image you require.


For more information on the affordable Christchurch Car Hire services please contact us.

Rentals For Group Travel

For a large group or family outing that wish to pool their resources, or just travel together, renting a large vehicle, such as an SUV or minibus, can allow between 7 people (SUV Hire) and 15 people (Minibus Hire) to travel on a budget.

Fuel Saving Vehicle Rentals

Fuel costs on long trips can be high, especially if your personal car is a little older. A modern & affordable car rental will be able to offer superb mileage due to newer, more efficient vehicles being used for the fleet and makes your whole trip more affordable. Breakdown cover and insurance, as well as unlimited mileage on rental periods over 3 days, make this a very attractive proposition for the budget aware driver.

Hire An Affordable SUV in Christchurch

The roads in Christchurch are good, but, if you need to go somewhere that the roads are not so driveable then a rental SUV can make the journey a little smoother.

Special Event Car Hire

Events sometimes require a different type of vehicle to be utilised, minivans for group outings, luxury cars for weddings or special occasions, or budget friendly cars for longer trips can all be catered for by your friendly Christchurch car hire company.

For more information on the affordable Christchurch Car Hire services please contact us.
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